An essay commissioned for Sibylle Bergemann
Published by OSMOS BOOKS
Edited by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz. Text by Richard Buckley, Melissa Drier, Sarah Goodrum, Drew Sawyer, Regine Sylvester, Lynne Tillman.

Sibylle Bergemann (1941-2010) was born and raised in Berlin and first worked as a secretary for Das Magazin. In the mid 1960s, Bergemann met photographer Arno Fischer, whom she married in 1985. Together they nurtured mutual interests in art and culture and gathered in their home/studio a community of visionaries: writers, directors, performers, painters, designers and photographers. In the early 1970s, Bergemann began to photograph for the East German women's magazine Sibylle. In 1990, she cofounded the Ostkreuz agency, which now represents a score of photographers.

This is the first English-language monograph on Bergemann's work from the 1970s and 80s. With contributions from outstanding international journalists (Regine Sylverster) and editors (Richard Buckley and Melissa Drier) to curators (Drew Sawyer) and art historians (Sarah Goodrum), the hardcover is a comprehensive collectible on the fascinating East German photographer.